Falling for the Baron – Anya Cade
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Falling for the Baron

She must marry. But she’ll do it her way. And she has a plan…

Caroline Whitfield has it all figured out. Since all young ladies of the ton must marry, she plans to do just that. The only romances she’s interested in are between the pages of her beloved books, so love is not a consideration. She needs a husband willing to let her live her own life, and who better than a man for whom a wife is an inconvenience packed off to the country? Which means only one type of man will do…


She needs a rake, a man who will barely notice his own wife in favour of his own pursuits. It’s the perfect plan. All she has to do is not fall in love… And most definitely not with the irritatingly handsome Baron Huntingford.


He needs a wife. Preferably someone who is not Miss Whitfield…


More at home on the battlefield than in a ballroom, Aaron, Baron Huntingford, is still getting used to his title and being a man of leisure rather than a soldier. A rake with a dangerous reputation he’s used to any woman he wants falling at his feet, but Miss Whitfield is not like other debutantes.


For one thing, she seems to actively dislike him. For another, she’s his best friend’s new sister-in-law, and therefore off limits. Never mind that he craves her touch and to find out if her lips taste as sweet as they look.


But when he finds out about her scheme to bring a rake to the altar, all bets are off. If she wants a rake, she’ll get one. Him.

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