#SnippetSat – Married to the Marquess – Anya Cade

#SnippetSat – Married to the Marquess

Married to the Marquess book cover on phone and papers

This weeks snippet is from my current #WIP – Married to the Marquess. Enjoy!

You need to stop cavorting at that damned club of yours and find a nice, decent girl to marry. Because, I can tell you, no woman of breeding will so much as look at you if she knows the perverted things that go on at that place.”

Adam Blackmoore, Marquess of Gillingham, didn’t so much as bat an eyelid at his mother’s hissed comment. That she even knew about his club, and he knew full well exactly which club she meant, was unconscionable but to then go and mention it, in polite company of all places, was utterly beyond the pale. A woman, whether a wife or other relation, should never comment upon a man’s… pursuits of that nature.

“And just think how it would impact on your poor sister on her come out, if it should be known.”

Adam eyed the punchbowl on the table in front of them and pondered the chance it had anything other than fruit in it. Unlikely.

His mother was against all forms of pleasure, up to and including alcohol. He should have brought a hip flask, as he normally warned all his friends to do when attending one of his mother’s events.

“And just how are people to know?” He asked, his voice as level and firm as he used in parliament. “Unless you would like to raise your voice a little and inform them?”